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Forge 31.1 Minecraft 1.15.2


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Forge Version: 31.1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.15.2

This is the first recommended build for 1.15.x!

This would of been out a few weeks ago, but Mojang decided to release 1.15.2, so we figured it'd be best to hold off until that version stabilized.
As you may have read, we dropped 1.12 support a few weeks ago and now concentrate on 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 until 1.16 drops.
1.15.x brought many changes to the rendering engine and incorporated some parts of the new rendering engine known as "Blaze3D",
but this release was still a lot faster than 1.14.x, thanks to the mod loading and launching rewrite we started in 1.13 being complete.
Also thanks again through all the contributors for this release that helped to fix bugs and bring new features to forge.


  • Removed and cleaned up old code
  • Remove third-party vecmath library in favor of using the new minecraft functionality
  • Allow logos in the mod screen to be scaled differently
  • Allow models to override be overridden when using OBJ models
  • Make more Data Generator stuff usable by modders
  • Add support for custom nether portal frame blocks
  • Added new Click Input Event
  • Added entity nameplate rendering event
  • Added support for gui_light model option
  • Re-implemented the ITeleporter interface to allow moders to control dimensional teleporting more easily
  • Allow mods to more easily specify a custom texture for chests
  • Add support for sending fluid stacks over the network more easily
  • Add support for fluid overlay rendering for custom fluids


  • Fixed incorrect item lighting
  • Fixed broken stairs and fence rendering
  • Fixed keybindings not saving
  • Fixed items being too small when dropped
  • Fixed mod list screen
  • Fixed capability data not being transferred when returning from the end
  • Fixed incorrect warning screen caused by removed vanilla sounds
  • Fixed game crash with modded entities
  • Fixed bucket rendering
  • Fixed crash when parsing custom obj models
  • Fixed items not being colored correctly with custom colors
  • Fixed items rendering too dark
  • Fixed many other rendering related issues
  • Fixed particles not rendering correctly due to wrong GL state
  • Fixed incorrect item lighting
  • Fixed crash when using certain fonts
  • Fixed crash when building quads for rendering
  • Fixed dyes tag not automatically finding new dyes
  • Fixed Big Mushrooms not generating
  • Fixed Raw Mouse Input Event
  • Fixed fullbright lighting
  • Fixed Fish Bucket not being usable by mods
  • Fixed breaking overlay
  • Fixed Widget Foreground Color not allowing pure black
  • Fixed entities turning on a spot
  • Fixed RenderType loosing it's mapping for registry replacements
  • Fixed extended version of getLightValue not being used everywhere
  • Fixed Wakeup Event not being called at the correct spot
  • Fixed mod resources ordering
  • Fixed Player Changed Dimension event providing the wrong dimension
  • Fixed Keybinds modifier not working correctly
  • Fixed Chunk Data Load Event not fireing
  • Fixed small typos in forge config
  • Fixed restoring blur mipmaps
  • Fixed Right Click Block not being called on client and server
  • Fixed crash on new java 8 versions in development environments
  • Fixed a bunch of events not having the new rendering context
  • Fixed Attacks/Punches not registering
  • Fixed functionality for rails to have different maximum speeds
  • Fixed registry desync, causing entities or sounds to be mixed up when connecting to a server
  • Fixed compression system used by the installer to make downloads smaller.
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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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