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Minecraft OST in mono


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Hello! I'm in a bit of a slippery area in modding and I'm asking here because I don't know where else to turn about this.
I'm working on a mod that only slightly modifies certain aspects of the game (BetterVanilla) and I decided I wanted to have the background music as discs scattered in the world.
The problem seems to be that music disc sound has to be in mono for the attenuation distance of jukeboxes to work so I decided to take the hashed file from the objects folder and converted it to mono through audacity.
I might have misunderstood this so if I have I'd be delighted to be corrected.

I feel like I'm not legally allowed to do so and won't be posting this version of the mod unless i know I'm in the legal "green zone".
Does anyone have any ideas of how I could get around this issue some other way? I have looked at how to do it with straight java but it seems needlessly complicated along with how Minecraft handles SoundEvents.
Any thoughts are helpful. Thanks in advance!


PS: if you are wondering why this is in general, I'm mostly wondering about the legality of my actions as a modder

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Maybe you can convert the music files on the first startup using something like ffmpeg.  
But that may make the installation process of your mod more complicated since users would also have to download ffmpeg and store it somewhere.  
But I bet there are pleny other alternative libraries (that do not have any outside dependencies) that can convert ogg to mp3 and vice versa and / or apply effects to mp3 / ogg / other formats.    

Looking into the license of ffmpeg could definitely help...  

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PM's regarding modding questions should belong in the Modder Support sub-forum and won't be answered.

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I'm sort of against the idea of having to ask the player to install programs outside of forge and minecraft. there definitely is a way to do the conversion using java libraries as internal dependencies and thats not necessarily the problem if its simple enough. I'll look into the ffmpeg license, good idea. 

any problems i have from now on is probably going to be code related and as such this thread is not going to be the best place to put those problems.

I think i'll figure it out now that i know i have to work around it.

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