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[1.15.2]Change blockstate when it places


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My mod add nether portal as item.

NETHER_PORTAL = new BlockItem(Blocks.NETHER_PORTAL, new Item.Properties()), "nether_portal")

However, the portal block always face north/south.

I want to change portal's direction when players place.

  public static void onPlaceNetherPortal(BlockEvent.EntityPlaceEvent event) {
    if (!event.getEntity().getEntityWorld().isRemote) {
      if (event.getPlacedBlock() == Blocks.NETHER_PORTAL.getDefaultState()) {
        if (event.getEntity() instanceof PlayerEntity) {
          PlayerEntity player = (PlayerEntity) event.getEntity();
          float yaw = player.rotationYaw;
          if ((yaw > 45.0 && yaw <= 135.0) || (yaw > -135.0 && yaw <= -45.0)) {

This cord doesn't work...

What should I do?


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It doesn't work because nether portal facing is set by the code that deals with the detection of the fire inside an obsidian frame. The portal block was never intended to exist in the player's inventory and as such it does not follow placement update rules.


Because, frankly, what do you expect to happen if you place three of them like this:



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