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client version switching


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I was curious if there's a forge mod that allows you to connect to another version such as this fabric mod

i switch versions quite often and find it a hassle to close my client to switch to another and i cant use that mod since its fabric obviously or a mod that can supply what fabric needs to to use that mod


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    • @diesieben07 debug.log Had to upload it to Google Drive since the debug.log is too large for pastebin.
    • Whoops! Sorry about that. I've updated the code and removed the reference. The errant line (DivineFavourTabGui.java:31) is currently commented out as well.
    • Take a look at the github https://github.com/lordofwizard/mcserver and the video in it if you want to try it out You can host your very own Java/Bedrock Minecraft Server using Google Cloud Shell. This works under Ubuntu/Debian based Linux operation system. This project requires NO CREDIT CARD and the whole project is entirely FREE! You can make a server without costing you anything. The following features are added into this project are:   Supports different type of Bedrock Servers Clean & Friendly Interface Supports Additional type of Java Server (eg. Sponge, Paper, Fabric etc) Added Server Management Easier functional scripts (eg. ./uninstall allows you to delete your server easily) Instant EULA script setup (Completly skipping this part which makes other people's life much easier to manage) Faster Server Installation (It would probably take you like approx 30 seconds to setup a server) Server Specs: OS: Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster) x86_64 RAM: 8GB to 16GB Location: Based on your physical location. Storage: Approx 5GB CPU: AMD EPYC (2) 7B12 @ 2.249GHz or Intel Xeon (4) @ 2.199GHz You can view your exact specs by doing ./specinfo Keeping the Server Alive 24/7 There's only ONE way to keep your server online longer than 20 minutes: You must Keep your browser open to keep your server online. This so the shell doesn't get terminated when it's unused or the browser is closed. You can also use google cloud sdk if you don't want to keep you browser open (Don't worry, your device that is being used to host your server isn't affected from the intensity of your server.) If you have any method the would possibly keep the server alive 24/7, feel free to Fork this project and request a Pull to this project. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Limitation of this project Google Cloud Shell Quota While I was editing this project, I notice that Google has added a quota for each Cloud Shell uses and you can only host your server for the max of 50 hours per Week. Once you used all of the hours, you can't use it again until next week. No Dedicated IP Sadly you can't use the host IP into your dedicated IP as it won't let you join that server, you can only join your server by the generated dedicated IP provided by playit.gg. If you know how to reverse proxy the tunnel system, you can actually use the host IP to make a dedicated IP for your server but I highly doubt that would ever happen. Mixed Server Specs Each Cloud Shell session will have different specs of your server based on your physical location so you won't always get the best performance of your server but good news being that it's always the range between 8GB to 16GB so you won't have to worry about lag when playing in the server with high processing in your server. Even take a look at this:https://cloud.google.com/shell/docs/limitations Conclusion Now you can host your very own Minecraft Server for both Java & Bedrock fast and easy and it won't cost you a single penny to make a fast and strong server. Best of all, IT'S FOREVER! Feel free to leave any requests you would like me to add into the project. If you have any issues, go to the Issues tab and submit a issue there.
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