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(Textures) How do I make a repeated "scale" pattern just like the ender dragon's


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I have Gimp,Krita, and Photoshop. I'm not much of a texture guy so I would like to know how to do repeated textures. No one is crazy enough to texture the dragon's scales 1 by 1 correct? What specific tools id they use to achieve this effect with such perfection. Texture editing software usually have the same tools, so waht works with Krita probably works with photoshop.


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You draw a few of them by yourself. After that copy/paste is your best friend.
In both Gimp and Photoshop you'll simply need to rectangle select what you need and literally press ctrl+c and ctrl+v, then place the result where you want. Remove the excess with the appropriate eraser tool. Should take you a few minutes but surely less than an hour.

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