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[1.15.2] ForgeConfigSpec Multi-line define or defineList


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I'm trying to figure out how to create a multi-line define list in the TOML config file using ForgeConfigSpec. Anyone have any insights?


Here's the code:


public class AttributesConfig {
    final ForgeConfigSpec.ConfigValue<List<? extends String>> attributes;
    AttributesConfig(final ForgeConfigSpec.Builder builder) {
        builder.comment("Add attribute modifiers to entities to change their stats. Takes 4-6 values seperated by a semicolon.",
                "Format:        entity;attribute;operator;value;dimension;child",
                "entity:        entity name",
                "attribute:     attribute name (Possible attributes: " + AttributeHelper.getAttributesString() + ")",
                "operator:      operator type (0 = add, 1 = multiply and add)",
                "value:         value which will be used for the calculation",
                "dimension:     dimension (ID) in which the entity should get the boost (optional! Leave this blank or use a \"/\" for any dimension)",
                "child:         0 = the modifier doesn't care if the entity is a child or not, 1 = adults only, 2 = children only (optional! Leave this blank for 0)");
        attributes = builder
                .defineList("Attributes", Arrays.asList(Constants.ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT), ELEMENT_VALIDATOR);


Here's the current output (all one line):


"Attributes" = ["zombie;generic.maxHealth;1;0.5;/;1", "zombie_pigman;generic.maxHealth;1;0.5;/;1", "zombie_villager;generic.maxHealth;1;0.5;/;1", ...etc.]


Here's what I'm trying to achieve:

"Attributes" = "zombie;generic.maxHealth;1;0.5;/;1",



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defineList takes an array.  ForgeConfig handles the reading and writing of the config file. So guessing any application of a line separator would be on the ForgeConfig side. I'm just wondering if there are any flags or such [documented or undocumented] to have the config file print out the array as a list rather than one long run on paragraph. The option probably does not exist but it never hurts to ask.

5 hours ago, Beethoven92 said:

Don't you just need a


here? Or a "%n" inside the string where you want to go to a new line. Example: ("FirstString" + System.lineSeparator() + "NewLineString") or ("FirstString%nNewLineString)


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there, their and they're... I used their for there
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