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NetworkDispatcher exception error


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I keep crashing after an hour(almost exactly one hour every time) of playing on this 1.12.2 modded server.  I believe this is a connection issue because whenever I crash the server logs say:


17.04 00:31:02 [Server] Netty Epoll Server IO #21/ERROR [FML]: NetworkDispatcher exception

17.04 00:31:02 [Server] INFO io.netty.handler.timeout.ReadTimeoutException: null 17.04 00:31:02 [Disconnect] User narcoX has disconnected, reason: Disconnected

17.04 00:31:02 [Server] Server thread/INFO [minecraft/DedicatedServer]: narcoX left the game


The reason I am crashing is probably because my minecraft tends to crash if I disconnect or get kicked from a server on this modpack(My client crash reports show nothing and neither do my logs), but that is a problem for another day.

How do I stop the server from kicking me so I don't crash, also if I was able to disconnect and rejoin before I get kicked by the hour mark, would this help the issue?

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30 minutes ago, narcoX said:

1.12.2 modded server.

1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support. For more information read the LTS at the top of the page.


I will be posting 1.15.2 modding tutorials on this channel. If you want to be notified of it do the normal YouTube stuff like subscribing, ect.

Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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