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help to make Multiple Machines and Items use single Block IDs


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I have been looking into how to cut back on the amount of ID's I am currently using with my mod.  if I use a single block id and single item id for each block and item I need to have a lot of ID's


I have, from experiences adding mods into a Minecraft server build, realised having to fit dozens of id's in among'st others so they don't clash sucks.


I am looking for a tutorial or example of how to have the code laid out so I can have this work.  I want to have all my machines use a single block id but depending on some variable know what kind of machine it is and what tile, texture, gui, and containers to add to the block.


I have done the tutorial on using metadata but I an not sure if metadata will be enough or the right way to go with my machines. I am also fairly new and don't fully understand NBT data yet


if anyone could point me in the right direction or show me their implementation of how they do it I would be very appreciative.


Author of Codename: Project Shadow


if you do models and textures pm me. looking for some assistance.

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I'm not familiar with how exactly this works but using nbt data is one solution. If you search these boards I'm sure you can find quite a few threads about it, some of which have written solutions :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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