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Not strictly Forge-related, but...

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...does anyone know of any good programs for creating textures for Minecraft mods? I tried using GIMP, but their brush tools are just too unintuitive for me to work with. At the extremely small (16 pixel by 16 pixel) scales item textures operate on, any amount of blurriness and unpredictability is too much. Sketchbook by Autodesk doesn't work, either, because when I try to zoom in, it blurs the pixels of the asset I'm working on, because it doesn't recognize the context of a game asset. I need something that allows me to pick a color and, when I click on a pixel, it becomes that color. No fancy mixing, no partial transformations, no alpha channel shenanigans (well, an option for alpha channel shenanigans, but not by default). Just pure control.


And if anyone knows of an automatic generator for model JSON files, that'd also be nice.

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I use paint.NET to create most of my textures. It's easy to use, and you can easily zoom in so that the 16x16 grid takes up your entire screen with no loss in visual quality if you want.


I do not know exactly what you mean by "automatic generator for model JSON files," but if you're talking about programs that can export a model to JSON, try blockbench. It has a webapp you can use, or a downloadable app for more functionality.

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Aseprite is also a great tool for texturing, if you don't mind paying a bit. It's a pixel artist program specifically designed for this sort of tiny artwork. It has tools for rotating sprites with minimal quality loss and pixel-perfect freehand drawing, among many other precision features. One of my favorite features is its indexed color pallet mode, which you may find very handy when working with only a few colors.

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I personally use photoshop or illustrator.

Both of these can configure the paint brush to do pixel art.

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