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Resetting a value to it's original value


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So I have an item that rolls a random number when it hits an entity and will increase it's attack damage, but only for that hit. The issue is that it won't reset the attack damage to it's base value, no matter what I do. Well, it usually glitches it out when I try anything. Here's my code without any attempt of resetting the value to it's default state.


  public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack stack, LivingEntity target, LivingEntity attacker)



  stack.damageItem(2, attacker, (p_220045_0_) -> {



  Random rand = new Random();


  int num = rand.nextInt(3)+1;


  if(num ==1) {

  this.attackDamage += 1000;



      return true;



Any help?

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Items are singleton. You can't edit the field directly and expect it to only reflect on one of the ItemStack.

Use an event subscriber and subscribe to the event that resembles player attacking entity instead.


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