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Generating a custom block randomly throughout the world


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I have been trying to write my first mod I am using forge 1.15.2 - 31.1.49, I started off with something basic, a new block type and then added drops and custom items (tools and armor) made from the new block and this all works.

I would like to finish the mod off by making the new block type appear naturally in the world, I have found a few references to IWorldGenerator although most of these were for 1.12 and these don't seem to carry over nicely.

Is this still the right way to go about it or is there a better way? If there is some documentation or examples of how this works for 1.15.2 that someone can point me to it would be most appreciated thank-you. I looked at Hardores mod but I was unsure if this would be the same for a custom block.

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You want Features, there's a DefaultBiomeFeatures class that has methods creating things like ore generation, flowers, trees, etc. and it is great for examples. net.minecraft.world.biome is the package the class is in.


You could probably get away with using one of the vanilla features and configuring it with your block, or you could get fancy and create/register your own subclass of Feature and build it yourself.


*edit: When looking for info, if it says 1.12 or lower, odds are good that most, if not all, of it has changed for 1.15. Here's a useful link for much of what's changed (there's a link in there too for 1.15 specific stuff, 1.13+ was the big overhaul of much of how things worked, that's why 1.12 guides aren't so good anymore)


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