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Rendering vanilla sword [SOLVED]


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I'm attempting to cancel the vanilla sword render when the player swings, and replace it with my own. I've subscribed to that event, cancelled it, now I just need to call a render class. What do I need to do from there in terms of registering and calling a renderer?

I'm almost tempted to load in custom models and register them as entities, but I'd rather not do that if I can help it.

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12 minutes ago, kaydogz said:

I'd look into net.minecraft.client.renderer.FirstPersonRenderer

The issue isn't how to register items or even the rendering step, because I'm using the vanilla items so it's already registered, I'm not sure where the animation logic is done and whether I need to register a renderer for items already registered.


I've written a keyframe animation API for my entities but all of that logic is done in the model class depending on model states, but for items, I don't know how Minecraft handles animation on a tick-by-tick basis for equipped items.

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It looks like I should be able to directly do the rendering from my event handler, but damn it's super finicky. Can't get the arm to show up on screen, but I know it's there because when I look side to side really fast I see it floating there, trailing.

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