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Mc crashes with every forge version post 1.12.2

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Hi. I know what you are thinking. "You are using Twitch." And to that i say "Ah! Ha! Got you. No...in fact i do not."  However...i sincerely wish that was the extent of my troubles. I really, sincerely hope anyone can give me any hint on what might be causing this following issue. My minecraft has been crashing with every single edition of minecraft forge ever since 1.12.2. As you can tell this prevents me from using any and all mods/modpacks post 1.12.2. Process of what happens. I start minecraft. I find the version of forge that i want to try to run (no mods at all installed, only forge...is a fresh install of minecraft too. forge version:forge-1.15.2-31.1.63-installer - copy pasted the installer i used. I click play, window pops up, game starts loading. Everything seems fine.  However the moment game should launch with loading only minecraft forge it simply does not. It does not even give me a message. It just closes and gives out a crash report in the crash report file in .minecraft file. The crash report is here: https://pastebin.com/7zywUdTN .

Newest log that i think could help is the following: https://pastebin.com/2T6XPLW6


I really hope you can help me...I want to play 1.12.2++ modded... 


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I have no clue what that is but i will search 



Edit. @Ugdhar Thank you. That little hint actually helped me a lot. It turned out to be a driver for xbox controller. However, i was like...but i do not have xbox controller. Turns out it is actually bloatware from windows 10 that was causing the issue. For now at least it was fixed. Forge actually loaded so yea. Im good to go. For anyone else having the same issue the solution is as follows. 1. As you are not allowed by the system to remove xbox game bar, xbox help center etc all that crap from windows 10 get yourself a program that is called Revo Uninstaller. It is free and i can say it worked 100%. You run the app and go through all your installed apps first checking if there is anything remotely related to gamepads. Then you do as follows. In top of the revo uninstaller gui there will be a button saying "Windows apps" and you click it and wait for it to show all windows apps. You scroll until you find anything and everything that has a publisher name Xbox. Remove everything. Don't fear it did nothing to my pc. Just indiscriminately remove everything related to Xbox. The only thing you can not remove fully (run the uninstall on it anyways) is Xbox Gamebar. It just ends up factory reset. And ur MC setup will be good to go. 

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