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[1.15.2] Have an item make player not drop items on death?

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Vanilla already has a gamerule for this (keepInventory). Just turn it on.

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Three events are of interest to you - player death event (LivingDeath), PlayerDrops event and player Clone event.


First two trigger when player's avatar dies - player looks at the death message and the respawn button button. Items are scattered all over the death site. Then - maybe 5 seconds later - player clicks the respawn button. Then the Clone event fires - data is transfered from old (dead) player instance to a freshly created one.


Be sure to note the (possibly) long delay between items being scattered and the new instance of the player being created (yes, the game will create a new player object. do not fight that).


First event - Living death can be used to remember in which slot each item was.


Second event - drops - has a "drops" collection - a list of ItemStacks that the dead player is about to drop dropped. You need to put them back into his inventory (the dead player object waits for the clone event; it will be destroyed at some point after the clone event) and delete from drops list.


Third event - Clone - is where you go through player inventories of the old/dead player (main inventory (36 slots), armor inventory (4 slots), offhand inventory (1 slot) ), copy each item and add it to the new player's inventory. (when everything works, consider baubles support.)




that's at least how i did it a while ago (disclaimer: i may not have remembered everything correctly)... it may not be the best way.


Start with printing a line or two into console for every event. Once you get events and conditions to output proper messages, copying item stacks will be a small step.

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Oh thanks! This is very helpful and I played around with all of these and have a good idea of how the three events work. Now how do you actually store information to be used on a different event?


I think my needs changed a little bit. One of my users recommends that I only have specific items come back with the player rather than the whole inventory. So how could I do this:

First event: Find a specific item in inventory on death

Second event: Delete that specific item from drop collection

Third event: Place that specific item in player inventory


As far as I could tell from testing, in the Clone event, the getOriginal() does not have a record of the player inventory.

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