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Just-Craft-It Creative Building Server (plots) (plugins) (Java:1.15.2)


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Just-Craft-It A new freshly made Creative Building Server! with Plots.



we want this to be a friendly server so there are rules in place for this.


-No Hacking

-No DDOS Threats

-No Racism

-No Swearing

-No Building Racist objects/ pictures such as Nazi logo ect

-No indecent objects/ pictures as well please!

-No Spamming chat

-Be Kind and Respectful to all players and staff

-No advertising other servers!



We have ranks on here! 6 Builder ranks and 2 staff ranks. The ranks are: Builder, MasterBuilder, Designer, Engineer, Architect, Terraformer & Donator.You will get more permissions as You rank up. The 2 staff ranks are Admin and Mod.



Plugins to be more creative with!

  • Armor Stand Tools – This plugin allows for full configuration of armor stands. You can move and mold them in any way and equip them with any items. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Head Plus – This plugin has thousands of player heads that can serve as decoration on builds and can be used by players on the server at any time simply by using the /heads command. This command opens up the GUI for the plugin and allows the player using it to pick out any head that they’d like there is also a search function in order to find themed heads related to whatever the player is building.
  • WorldEdit – Tool used for editing the physical Minecraft world. <-(This is given in higher ranks)
  • VoxelSniper – is the premier long range map editing tool. <-(This is given in higher ranks)


Join us today!









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  • 3 weeks later...

-Updated plugins and paper version

-Added more heads to our headplus selection. (/heads) You can make suggestions to add on our discord on other heads you might like to use (there is a link for a site of heads so find one you like and post a link)

-looking for more minecrafters that love building to play on the server!

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