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Windows Download.


I have a an issue with all of the Installers.


Whenever I download a version of Forge using the normal Installer, Forge doesn't work. For 1.12.2 it crashes every time I try to load it, and 1.15.2 appears in a window with "FML early loading progress" in the top left, as it struggles to load data as shown through green pixel text.


The only Installer that I use where Forge works without any issues is the Windows Installer for 1.7.10.

So my question is: "Why is their only a Windows Installer for 1.7.10?" For me this is a big limitation when it comes to using mods.

I'm also wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

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31 minutes ago, Raflamar said:

and 1.15.2 appears in a window with "FML early loading progress" in the top left, as it struggles to load data as shown through green pixel text

Please post a log from your troubles with 1.15.2, since the other versions you mentioned are no longer supported. Also if you're getting to the early loading screen, it would appear you've made it past using the installer, so this would be a different issue.


I myself have had no issues running any of the jar installers, and most of the issues I see regarding them are people with hijacked jar file associations, or missing/wrong version of Java.

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