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Amd threadripper vs i9-10900K which is faster? Will be used for IntelliJ modding, video editing, video recording and blender


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 I already have an i7 8th gen but I am willing to change my whole motherboard if ryzen-9 threadripper for compatability if it proves to be better than i9. Im asking because I am well aware that Minecraft uses only 1 thread and I don't want to say goodbye to my other 63 cores from threadripper if it ain't gonna use it. Intel has good single core for that one dedicated thread Minecraft uses. But what about Optifine? Since I'm playing modded, would optifine allow the use of the other 63 cores for Minecraft thus boosting it? I searched in youtube and majority of people there are suspiciously VERY positive on amd. I also want to use blender and threadripper shows it's faster than i9 when it comes to multi-core rendering. I am willing to pay the price for any specs that ensures the most speed I could get, but I only got one shot on this.

On servers what is the threadripper does it's multiple cores will be used properly on optifine thus making it better than intel's? How big in a disk drive does a modded anarchy server with guns/teleportation and random spawn coordinates per player (instead of spawning at 0, 100, 0 and getting it griefed for newer players to traverse thus more chunkloading).

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On 5/26/2020 at 3:20 PM, Kiljaeden053 said:

As far as I can tell with the current releases just this week. I decided Im going amd threadripper. It has faster single core processing than intel now for the most part and it's really good use for minecraft so thank you.

From a current standpoint AMD is the best choice. Have fun with your PC :)

Java ❤️ | Owner of MaschinenMC.net | Development Administrator at Cafestu.be | Austria 😍

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