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  1. What needs to be changed in the terms for forge to use the mappings?
  2. Blockbench looks really amazing! I will look into it ^^
  3. What is the best way to properly learn Moddeling for Minecraft? I am talking about everything: Cosmetics (or something like Armor), Blocks, Entitys...
  4. It seams like a really big mod. I sadly don't have the time to do that for you/the Community of the mod. Many things have changed from 1.12 -> 1.15
  5. Im running Linux on my Servers too. But currently Linux is nothing more than a Server Operating System for me(ok also the base for my Android Phone but yk haha)
  6. I considered switching to Linux a while ago but I currently don't see a reason to. Windows is working fine. The last Bluescreen I had was when my Power Supply was faulty and updates take seconds thanks to my SSD. I have all my Programs here and I like it
  7. I recently purchased a Lenovo L340 15 inch for 640 Euros. It has a GTX 1660 and an i5 9.th gen. I hasn't arrived yet. But if you want something new look at at a Laptop like this. There is also a 17-Inch Version for a bit more. But I liked the 15 inch more ^^
  8. I think it would work if you don't use the Minecraft Logo, Images of the Game or the Minecraft Name. But I'm not a Lawyer sooooo. Idk. 👍
  9. It could boost your Performance. Especially on a weak Laptop. This could always help. Not only in Minecraft! Yeah. I think this is a problem because Minecraft tries really hard to keep Memory usage clean. So more Memory space means more Garbage Collection performance is taken?? It would make sense to me. I really need to read a bit about Memory in Java ^^
  10. I think you shouldn't ask this question in "Off-Topic". There is a Modding Help Category on this Forum. And if every Mod needs to create a new nether we would have a huge problem.
  11. Why is that so important for you? It doesn't look like that your English is bad so you could participate in many other/and or Russian mods.
  12. Why should they? You have everything you need here, on Github and in the Docs. What do you need?
  13. This would be a really unfair advantage over other players. Just learn it the hard way like every other player.
  14. Everything should be fine if you download your mods from: https://files.minecraftforge.net/ Just make sure you trust your installed mods.
  15. It should be. Does normal Minecraft 1.15 work for you? It also looks like you are running an outdated Version of forge. Please update.
  16. Well I don't have the time to look into Forge's Code but could you tell me the basics and why it is required?
  17. Is that really a thing? I think it mostly depends on Signatures or its blocking Jar Files in general. If this was a real thing 60% of the Software would be blocked. And that isn't happening. Try a Minecraft Jar or a Library in your Minecraft Libraries Folder. It should appear with at least one. Anti viruses is not always correct.
  18. There is a reason this is taking so long. The Minecraft Code is changing permanently... And Optifine needs to adapt to these changes. This is a lot of work. You could decompile Optifine and edit it for personal use for newer Versions. Optifine is actually pretty fast in updating... Just click on "Previous Versions" and there you have the preview builds. I also recommend following this unofficial Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/OptiFineNews It would be better not to include Optifine in Forge because it can cause serious problems with some mods.
  19. Maybe look for a "minecraft_server.jar" and if it is in the root directory load it from there. If it isn't look in a subfolder
  20. There are two cool looking mods that i currently have in a Modpack im Playing [ 1.16 but they are available for 1.15 ] The first one would be: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/endergetic And number two: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/buzzier-bees I haven't really started in Survival with these Mods, but they look very nice. Make sure to download the 1.15 Versions. Have fun
  21. The UI and the Indexing Part of IntelliJ will definitely benefit from multiple Cores. Minecraft is mostly single-threaded. In game, you will get a boost from single core performance. In my experience IntelliJ is limiting the performance in the started application anyways... But I don't think you would buy a CPU only for Minecraft.
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