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    • Hi, so I wanted to create a server for me and my friends to play on 1.15.2   It is about 120 mods and I have no idea on why it's doing this, the mod pack works fine when I load in a singleplayer world.   I've attached 4 different log versions (2 log & 2 debug logs) 1 log and 1 debug are with pregenned worlds and the others are with server gennerated ones.  I've noticed that  the players username nor uuid gets put into the world/playerdata file.   Any help is appreciated.   (can't upload debug because it is to big so ill upload it to a mega.nz) https://mega.nz/file/0yZn0KoC (decrypt key is hnkGJ57SFR2bAYMr3ua3f2Rd5KT7uvcA3ittKPyc9uY ) https://mega.nz/file/oyQ1USSb (decrypt key is IxU34rW3fKyRiSORXV_gl2zsOwJCVO5u0IhhykM2w_E ) pregenned world-latest.log server genned world-2020-07-10-1.log
    • Make sure you download your optifine from optifine.net and go to the preview versions. If that's not your problem you may have some textures missing, but I doubt this because the blocks are loading their textures.
    • Kaspa123, I'm not a expert or anything so I am not 100% sure, but I believe you have the mods open in another program. Try closing any other programs that may have them open. If this doesn't work (it may not idk) then create your own support ticket.