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Is there a Client Side Event for Player Disconnect on Servers?


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Hey! Currently, I am working on a mod which allows binding to Discord RPC to show current game State in Discord. This shall be a pure Client-Mod, so I can only rely on Client Side Events.


Currently, I am subscribing to the more generic PlayerEvent which notifies on every player activity taking place on the server, as I get from the documentation.


I discovered, that there is an event class called EntityJoinWorldEvent, which has the following description:

EntityJoinWorldEvent is fired when an Entity joins the world.
This event is fired whenever an Entity is added to the world in 

World.joinEntityInSurroundings(Entity), and 


That approach would be more selective and straightforward as just hooking all player events, but I could not found any corresponding event for entities leaving/quitting the world, which leaves me again on just hooking all player events.


Here you can see how the event hook is currently implemented.


Is there any way to get notified when a player joins or leaves the server world without using server side events?

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