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Custom snow or rain?


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Hi everyone so i was working on my newest biome and i told i'm going to add a very nice unique feature to the biome a new kind of weather but when i started to look for the files of snowing and raining i found nothing i'm more interested in snow mainly because my weather feature would behave more similar to snow than rain i have a really good assumption how snowing is done i mean how the blocks placed it's not that hard to code but i would really want to see the code because i almost know nothing about rendering like how should i do it i know how its working i just can't code it and i'm sure vanilla has a fix way for this and that's my main issue with this whole thing also that i don't know what values vanilla works with for the snow so if anyone have any idea or know where i can find these files i would be really happy or just help me with the rendering. 

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Hi thank you for your help but i did already find it i do 1.14 in 1.14 it's in GameRenderer turns out it's a lot of work to implement some kind of new weather so i'm going to choose the easy way particles and events around the player but thanks for your help ^^

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