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Forge 1.16.1 corrupted my old game file


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I had been building in my world on forge 1.15.2 for a while now and it had go to the stage where i was wanting and needing to use new blocks. However when i downloaded Forge for 1.16.1 my game continued to crash, i ignored this and decided to go back and play in my world in 1.15.2. However when i loaded back into my world the area i was building in had a completely different chunk loaded from a different world (which didn't match the terrain). Some of my other builds were saved outside the radius but however my main project which had taken me 5 months so far was gone. Unfortunately i do not have a back up of the world and I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on if its fixable or not? Thanks a lot!

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Unfortunately, without backups, there is no surefire way to fix your world. The possible solutions for a corrupted world vary from issue to issue, but as you are made aware on the Main Menu, Forge 1.16 is in BETA. Stability is not yet guaranteed.


Futhermore, you should always make a backup when upgrading between major Minecraft updates, and especially when using Forge in BETA. The only advice I can give for you is to create a new world with the same seed, /give yourself all your items, and rebuild from there. (Or use some kind of worldediting mod to copy chunks from a fresh, same-seed world, but that would require more effort on your part)

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