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Creating a new achievement like Gui


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Thought I would try to make the network system in my mod look cool by making it have a similar style to the achievement page, However when I started to look through the code for the achievement page i was met by a welcoming party of lots of scary GL11 stuff (I really need to get round to learning to use this stuff, any hints where to start with that?). Anyway, I was wandering if you guys help me to figure out what is required to creating a style like that, as I was just got lost fairly quickly (due to my confusion when it comes to GL11 :/ , also this cold and three maths exams in one day probably isn't helping me).

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Copypasta the achievement code, duh.


... because for some reason that wasn't the first thing I tried... I'm not just going to copy paste code if I don't understand how it works, that's just not good practice.

Yeah, you're right; I don't do that either if I can avoid it, but that's my best suggestion. Sorry :/



Co-author of Pentachoron Labs' SBFP Tech.

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