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[1.16.1]What is the tree config format and how to do it

Ducky Coder

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Im Working on my Mod and i want to make a tree generation in 1.16.1. What do you need to put in the tree config to make the tree a feature. I am making a tree using BaseTreeFeatureConfig method to do so.

package com.crayon_duck.betterstuff.world.feature;

import net.minecraft.block.trees.Tree;
import net.minecraft.world.gen.feature.BaseTreeFeatureConfig;

public class MagentaTree extends Tree {
    public static final BaseTreeFeatureConfig MAGENTA_TREE_CONFIG = (new BaseTreeFeatureConfig( ));
                                                                                               | <- This is where i need the code to go into and config my tree. plz help???

What do I put in BaseTreeFeatrueConfig to make a tree or is there another better way of configurating your tree???

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