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Define Conditional Dependency?


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It is possible to define a conditional dependency?

I keep getting bug reports about some of my models being broken, but the issues is due to Optifine.


Optifine by itself breaks mod added model loaders, OptiForge fixes this.

I would like to say if Optifine exists require OptiForge


I've thought maybe adding lines to my toml that makes Optifine dependent on OptiForge, but I feel that is not something I should do as neither mod is mine and it might break something later.

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From what I know, there is no way to define conditional dependencies with the Forge-provided mods.toml system.


However, you could do it through code: detect if OptiFine is loaded (by which means, I do not know), and if that is present and OptiForge is not [ModList.get().isLoaded(<modid>)], then do some action (throw an exception, log a message, show a screen after loading, etc.).

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