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[1.16.1] Problem with ArmorTier


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I am making a custom armor material for my armor but it seems to break no matter what i do. If I enter func_230304f() as a class method, it complains about the lack of getKnockbackResistence(), and vice versa. The error message is also confusing, saying

ABTier is not abstract and does not override abstract method getKnockbackResistance() in IArmorMaterial

To my knowledge, IArmorMaterial has no method called getKnockbackResistence(). If I include both, It throws a ClassFormatError for duplicate methods on startup. What should I do?


Here is the code for my armor item tier:

public enum ABTier implements IArmorMaterial {

    BOMBSHIRT("bombshirt", 80, new int[] {2, 2, 2, 2}, 0, SoundEvents.ITEM_ARMOR_EQUIP_GENERIC, 0.0F, 0.5F, null);

    private static final int[] MAX_DAMAGE_ARRAY = new int[]{9, 10, 12, 13};
    private final String name;
    private final int maxDamageFactor;
    private final int[] damageReductionAmountArray;
    private final int enchantability;
    private final SoundEvent soundEvent;
    private final float toughness;
    private final float knockbackResistance;
    private final Lazy<Ingredient> repairMaterialLazy;

    private ABTier(String nameIn, int maxDamageFactorIn, int[] damageReductionAmountArrayIn, int enchantabilityIn, SoundEvent soundEventIn, float toughnessIn, float knockbackResistanceIn, Supplier<Ingredient> repairMaterialSupplier) {
        this.name = Main.MODID + ":" + nameIn;
        this.maxDamageFactor = maxDamageFactorIn;
        this.damageReductionAmountArray = damageReductionAmountArrayIn;
        this.enchantability = enchantabilityIn;
        this.soundEvent = soundEventIn;
        this.toughness = toughnessIn;
        this.knockbackResistance = knockbackResistanceIn;
        this.repairMaterialLazy = Lazy.concurrentOf(repairMaterialSupplier);

    public int getDurability(EquipmentSlotType slotIn) {
        return this.maxDamageFactor;

    public int getDamageReductionAmount(EquipmentSlotType slotIn) {
        return this.damageReductionAmountArray[slotIn.getIndex()];

    public int getEnchantability() {
        return this.enchantability;

    public SoundEvent getSoundEvent() {
        return this.soundEvent;

    public Ingredient getRepairMaterial() {
        return this.repairMaterialLazy.get();

    public String getName() {
        return this.name;

    public float getToughness() {
        return this.toughness;

    public float func_230304_f_() {
        return this.knockbackResistance;

    public float getKnockbackResistance() {
        return this.knockbackResistance;


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