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Forum re-organization


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I created a new category and a few new boards for non-forge-mostly-site stuff, and since the mods board has a mostly defined aspect of how busy a mods forum should be for it to be on the front-page (~10 posts per day average for a while or more), I moved all others back to the Various Mods board, thus far that leaves Universal Electricity as the only mod on the main page, averaging well over 10 posts a day, congrats.


This board will contain news items relevant to the site and possibly Minecraft in general and not to forge.  If you have any requests for something to be placed here then suggest it either in a PM to me or in the off-topic board or so, but I intend to keep this boards content rather minimized for note.


Created a Let's Play and other videos board for LPers and video tutorial makers and mod showcases and all else to link and advertise themselves.


And there is also an Off-topic board for everything else, but please no flaming or so.  Be logical or temp/perm bans can be handed out as always.

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This is way better organization than before, and (in my opinion) way better than the MC forums. Thanks for re-organizing it!


Universal Electricity is the only mod in the busy mods board?!?! 8)

So, what would happen if I did push that shiny red button over there? ... Really? ... Can I try it? ... Damn.

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