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Forge 34.1 Minecraft 1.16.3


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Forge Version: 34.1.0
Minecraft Version: 1.16.3

Hello everyone, it's finally that time. A recommended 1.16 build is here. We had to wait longer then I wanted to because there were a lot of problems with the initial 1.16 release from Mojang, enough that it was obvious that a .1/.2 was needed. So we waited for Mojang to stabilize the 1.16 branch, out came .1, .2, and .3. Each one same with its own surprises, the main one we have to mention is 1.16.2's major re-write to biomes. Allowing them to now be data driven. This is a very powerful thing that moves Minecraft to a more flexible state, but it also meant all our old hooks had to be re-designed. Every Minecraft version moves towards a better engine, but unfortunately that means we have to work with the interim steps. So if there are any issues modders face with Biomes/Worlds now being mostly data driven, speak up an expect a few iterations of the tools Forge provides you for these things. But remember, now that we are in a Recommended Build it means Forge will stay stable API wise for the rest of the 1.16 lifecycle.

Mod License:

There has always been little skirmishes about what license a particular mod is released under. To try and help address that, we have now made it mandatory that mods specify a "license" value in their mods.toml. That is the text file containing metadata about the mod, such as version, name, author, etc. This is a simple text entry, it can be anything the modder wishes as long as it is present. The MDK ships with it filled in for you with "All Rights Reserved" which is the default copyright stance in almost every jurisdiction. I highly encourage modders to take a moment and think about how they want their mod to be used, modified, and distributed. And then pick a license that properly expresses their wishes. If you want a open source license https://choosealicense.com/ can help you pick. However, it is your mod, so whatever license you want is fine. Please do not take this as a push to one style or another. Simple as a reminder to choose something and let your users know.

With this being released, it officially triggers our support policies as described in the LTS post. This means that 1.14 is now EOL. It can still be used and developed for. It just means that we no longer provide active support for it. And we encourage all users/modders to update to a more modern version.



  • New model loading system with improved performance and functionality.
  • Reorganized mod loading to increase loading speeds and better integrate with vanilla threading.
  • New armor knockback resistance hooks
  • Added custom item integration with Piglin trades.
  • Added support for items to have pumpkin-enderman like behavior.
  • Added build system verification tools.
  • Added event for controlling data/asset reloading.
  • Added hook to add modded Raid members.
  • Added a dedicated event for registering commands.
  • Added Mixin to the installer.
  • Added event for entities leaving the world.
  • Added IModBusEvent marker interface to all events that are fired on the ModEventBus vs the main Forge bus.
  • Added mandatory (1.16.2+) license field in mods.toml
  • Added support for modded elytra-like items.
  • Added hook to allow Biomes to specify edges better.
  • Added hook to allow better block control over tool-block interactions.
  • Added hook for manipulating whether a fluid can create a source block.
  • Added an EntitySizeEvent instead of EntityHeightEvent
  • Added user friendly exceptions when config loading fails
  • Added particle culling, which should increase performance by not rendering particles that are not on screen.
  • Added better datagen validation for tags.
  • Added dataprovider for global loot modifiers
  • Added scaffolding movement hook
  • Added support for custom tag types
  • Added BiomeLoadingEvent, that allows for mods to edit biomes.


  • Fixed caching issue with mod manifest files. Improves starting times.
  • Fixed vanilla models not correctly deferring to Forge's system.
  • Fixed early load GUI showing when running data generators
  • Fixed block update issues related to reverting with BlockSnapshot
  • Fixed locate command patch.
  • Fixed block drops not working in some cases.
  • Fixed villager trades having non-applicable enchants
  • Fixed tooltip rendering issues
  • Fixed sneaking while swimming
  • Fixed harvest level and harvest tool
  • Fixed screen tooltip not displaying
  • Fixed creative screen arrows
  • Fixed attribute registration on modded entities
  • Fixed block render types not being applied to block items
  • Fixed swimming speed being too slow
  • Fixed break speed event having null position
  • Fixed tag issue when connect to vanilla server
  • Fixed some classes being unsafe in concurrent loading
  • Fixed capability data being null in player clone event
  • Fixed double chests updating issues
  • Fixed language parsing
  • Fixed datagen crashing due to tags
  • Fixed client chat received event not having the sender UUID
  • Fixed loading screen color and text to match new Mojang Studio's colors.
  • Fixed improper handling of baked lighting in forge light pipeline
  • Fixed getQuads not having model data
  • Fixed tooltip render events not having matrixstacks
  • Fixed multi-layer item rendering
  • Fixed stencil support initialization
  • Fixed swap offhand keybinds not working in GUI
  • Fixed null checks missing in ForgeIngameGUI
  • Fixed incorrect keybind names
  • Fixed LivingEquipmentChangeEvent not being posted
  • Fixed canRepair not being true by default
  • Fixed race condition for DeferredRegister with custom registries
  • Fixed client world capabilities not being collected
  • Fixed TagEmptyCondition using client tags and not server
  • Fixed ExtendedButton using narrator text
  • Fixed LivingJumpEvent for players on horses
  • Fixed duplicate mod files from mod file scan causing objects to load twice.
  • Fixed model & blockstate datagen inconsistencies
  • Fixed datapacks being not loaded correctly in the Datapack menu screen
  • Fixed soundloadevent being posted on the wrong bus
  • Fixed chunkdataevents using different data tags
  • Fixed patch for PlayerSetSpawnEvent
  • Fixed custom burnable blocks.
  • Fixed modded overworld biomes not generating
  • Fixed ClimberPathNavigator spinning when mob width is small
  • Fixed SleepingTimeCheckEvent not being fired in initial sleep test
  • Fixed biome generation error
  • Fixed cats not having the AnimalTameEvent fired
  • Fixed rail rotations
  • Fixed errors being hidden by mods not being shutdown
  • Fixed rendertickevent using wrong partial ticks when game is paused
  • Fixed missing outdated notification in the main menu “mod” button
  • Fixed debug world not generating modded blocks
  • Fixed hoes and new 1.16 blocks not having proper harvest levels
  • Fixed dry farmland being destroyed even with crops into it
  • Fixed handling of the ModelRegistryEvent 
  • Fixed InvalidModFileException not saying which mod was invalid
  • Fixed the client rejecting the server, because of missing tags.
  • Fixed config iteration order
  • Fixed logging issues with pack.png loading for mod datapacks
  • Fixed DelegatingResourcePack performance
  • Fixed LazyOptional not being clear which operations were actually lazy.
  • Fixed the HighlightEntity Event not being fired
  • Fixed minor bugs with bamboos, enchantments, and conduits
  • Fixed RenderNameplateEvent not having partial ticks
  • Fixed duplicate tag wrappers causing a crash
  • Fixed custom teleporters crashing
  • Fixed zip paths crashes.
  • Fixed modloading crash reports with QOL tweaks
  • Fixed crashed with tile entities with no collision boxes
  • Fixed forge tooltip util.
  • Fixed model to baked model inconsistencies.
  • Fixed json biomes not setting a registry name correctly.
  • Fixed forge GuiUtils not using MatrixStacks
  • Fixed fluid filling sounds
  • Fixed some inner biome fields not being accessible
  • Fixed world rendering potentially causing a crash
  • Fixed CommandEvent’s result not being used
  • Fixed container items being consumed in brewing stands
  • Fixed forge light pipeline causing block offsets twice
  • Fixed ToggleableKeyBinding’s differences with vanilla
  • Fixed issues with custom tag types and optional tags.
  • Fixed some inner biome fields still being immutable.
  • Fixed grass disappearing when forge config alwaysSetupTerrainOffThread was true
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