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[1.16.3] Asset hash failed? [SOLVED BY MYSELF]

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So, i just tried to upgrade my mod to 1.16.3, and everything worked fine, but when i tried to run the task "genIntelliJRuns" it throws an error

Failed to get asset: minecraft/lang/az_az.json
Some assets failed to download or validate, try running the task again.




Idk what to do, i saw the threads before, that i should delete the .gradle folder and try again, and i did that but still nothing. i also tried making a new project 3 times, and yet still nothing...

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This is my signature. I don't really too much know about java but i try to help and i try to get help from others too. Thank you!

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  • Anonomys changed the title to [1.16.3] Asset hash failed? [SOLVED BY MYSELF]
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Hello, how did you solve it? I am new to java, and wanted to learn modding. I get the same error for the Programmer Art texture pack. Thanks!


(Its a 'Hash Failed' error)
Edit: Copying it so I can start a new topic (As nobody seems to read this)

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