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Trying to create a magic mod


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Hello my name is digital dud3,


I'm trying to make a magic mod, but I'm completely new to Forge, and I have no idea what I'm doing. I heard from a couple of sources that forge is a great way to code mods into Minecraft. Here is the concept for my mod idea. I hope I can get some pointers from some of you on how to type the code to bring it into the game.


The Spell Book: A book that contains all the spells you find. Has to be placed in the off hand slot to be used, and will show up in your left hand.To activate it you need to click your right mouse button, in which a pop-up menu that contains all the spells you learn to show up.

-crafting recipe= 1 book and quill and 1 diamond


Scrolls: Contains the spell you need to learn.


Spells: Spells require your experience points to cast, and larger more deadly spells require more experience. Spells can be learned via scrolls dropped from witches, found in chest in dungeons/ illiger towers, nether fortresses, and can be traded from librarian type villagers. You will need to click on the spell you want to use in to pop-up menu in your spell book.


Spell ideas-

Fire ball- Shoots a fire ball at opponent lighting them on fire. deals 4 1/2 damage - Cost 30 XP

Freezing- Shoots a snowball that slows down opponent. deals 3 damage - Cost 25 XP

Lightning-Shocks opponent, damaging them, will cause mobs to spasm and move in wrong direction for a short period of time. ( the effect wears off in seconds ) deals 4 damage - Cost 25 XP

Healing- Heals target when cast.  heals 5 hearts - Can cause crops to grow faster to the same effect as bone meal - Cost 10 XP (because helping others is good) : )

Poison- Shoots poison projectile at target.  Deals the same effect as a potion of harming - Cost 30 XP

Calm- Calms a mob to become non aggressive. -last 1 minute - Cost 40 XP

Armor- Causes you to gain 3 armor slots even capping over a full set of nertherite or diamond armor- last for 2 minutes - Cost 50 XP

Light Source- places a small torch like block, that generates twice the amount of light a torch does. - last for 5 minutes - Cost 5 XP

Flight- lets you fly. - last 30 seconds - Cost 50 XP


Wands: Cast the spells you want, you can upgrade your wand ( by crafting one with better materials) to use experience more efficiently. From Wood-Lapis-(Rubies and Sapphires are = to eachother) -Amethyst-Quartz-Emerald-Diamond.

You can repair a wand via a anvil. ( I plan of adding Gemstones such as ( Rubies, Amethyst, and Sapphires ) for wand types as well, and their ores aswell.  


The arcane table: A table that you can place your spell book into one slot, and a scroll into the other. from there the scroll will disappear. Then the spell will appear in your spell book.

-crafting recipe= 3 obsidian places on the bottom 3 tiles, one diamond on the middle left and right tile, one lectern in the center middle tile.  

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Mmmm so you are basically re making ElectroBlob's wizardry...really there are so many magic mods around that you cannot event count them..why not taking a look at their code to see how they implement wands, spells etc...Electroblob's wizardry is an open source mod, so it would be a good place to start gathering informations

Check out the port of the BetterEnd fabric mod (WIP): https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/betterend-forge-port

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