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    • So, I have a question that is really bugging me a lot, but how was things such as Forge, Bukkit, Spigot, Optifine, etc created. Like what kind of resources did they use, did they use a Minecraft API or something, how did they manage to make it so the Minecraft launcher can detect it and run it. I kind of wanted to create my own someday but I don't know where to start, and I know I could ask when I wanna start but this question just really bugs me. === Skip this passage if you don't wanna know why I asked on Forge forums === I know I could also ask on other forum websites, like Minecraft Forums and Bukkit forums but Minecraft Forums is pretty much dead and/or dead to me and people on Bukkit don't get to the point well enough, but I asked here since Forge is a part of my question, it is quite active, and people manage to get to the point when answer, as well as nice...well, kind of nice...okay, some people on here are a bit rude, but at least they get to the point. So that is why I am asking here. I just typed this part so you guys don't ask about other forums, just in case since I am talking about other things as well. And if you are about to recommend another forum, don't, any other ones, I won't truly know about and would rather not use any recommendation, too much work to ask a simple (Maybe complex) question. =================================================================== Any intel, documentation, etc, please share. I do know quite a bit of Java, so I will understand documentations and such. So just any intel you got, it will also be very nice if a Forge developer answered as well, like very nice as I know they will have an answer. I won't accept an indirect answer however, so I need some sort of sources, documentation, or/and examples. Hopefully this all
    • I am trying to develop a mod for 1.16.1, and I am having trouble rending a throwable item when it is in flight. My main problem is that most other tutorials or suggestions use RendererSnowball (or Snowball Renderer, I can't remember) which doesn't seem to exist for versions after 1.15. So is there an adequate subsuite that could help me? For reference this is my ClientEventBusSubscriber class:  package com.codex.cottage_craft.util; import... @Mod.EventBusSubscriber(value=Dist.CLIENT,modid= CottageCraft.MOD_ID) public class ClientEventBusSubscriber { /* -main methods- */ /** A method that registers the models through a model registry event. * @param event The model registry event that registers the models of entities and blocks. */ @SubscribeEvent public static void onRegisterModelsEvent(ModelRegistryEvent event) { registerEntityRenderers(); } /* -helper methods- */ /** A helper method that targets rendering entity models specifically. */ private static void registerEntityRenderers() { // registers the silver pearl entity with the rendering factory that returns a sprite render. RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler( EntityCollection.SILVER_ENDER_PEARL_ENTITY.get(), new IRenderFactory<SilverEnderPearlEntity> () { public EntityRenderer<? super SilverEnderPearlEntity> createRenderFor(EntityRendererManager manager) { return new SpriteRenderer<SilverEnderPearlEntity> (manager, Minecraft.getInstance().getItemRenderer()); } } ); } } I was hoping to replace the "SpriteRenderer<SilverEnderPearlEntity>" with a SnowballRenderer or RendererSnowball. Any help would be appreciated, including the way Snowball and Ender Pearls are now rendered. Also, the error that is actually occurring for me is a Null Pointer error but even if I were to resolve it I don't think it would work.
    • Ok, go into the world folder and delete the serverconfig folder, they will be regenerated when you start the server
    • I dont think i have? I just added the mods and started the server. I have cheats on. I haven't added anything new since starting it. After it started getting stuck at the screen i tried looking through the file for it but i dont know what anything is for so i tried not to touch it. 
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