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[1.16.4] Mod-added beehive recipes using specific plank type doesn't prioritize over recipe using generic planks, any solutions?

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Hello, Kitteh6660 here. I got around to adding a new beehive made of different planks I call Netherwood.

It shows up in recipe book and shows the correct recipe and the output when clicked on.



But in attempting to craft, it only outputs the vanilla beehive.



The weird thing is that the recipes for the other blocks made of Netherwood (crafting table, chest, and bookshelf) work correctly. The recipe is registered but for some reason, vanilla beehive is taking priority. I was under the impressed it would be fixed but apparently not.


The JSON file for the recipe. Should be identical to the vanilla one except that it uses specific planks.

  "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped",
  "pattern": [
  "key": {
    "P": {
      "item": "morecraft:netherwood_planks"
    "H": {
      "item": "minecraft:honeycomb"
  "result": {
    "item": "morecraft:netherwood_beehive"


Just to be sure, I updated to Forge 35.0.7 if that helps.


I don't wish to remove the vanilla beehive recipe as I want to leave room for other mods to add more beehives.

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