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New mods added to the site


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I added a few new mods:

  • Let you disable signatures per post, good for if you link to your mod but do not want your signature being visible on the mod board itself.
  • Thank you system, at the top-right of each post, to let you thank a person for their help.
  • Image shadow box, so giant images posted to a thread start off at 800x### and when clicked on will expand to size and also show in a shadowbox that you can click anywhere else to exit out of.
  • A Team page to list who is in what group, lets you see who the Forge coders are, the Forge Modders are, the excellent wiki authors are all at a glance.
  • A simple blog system so anyone of the modders group can use.  Useful if you do not have your own website or you just want a central place to post quick and rapid modding or status updates or whatever you wish, thus you do not need to create a whole new thread for it.  It supports comments (disableable), categories, and a few other minor things.
  • Membergroup prefixes, I am uncertain about keeping this one, thoughts? (removed for now)
  • As well as a hide BBC code, it will hide the content inside of it until someone replies to that thread, do not abuse it or bans can be handed out.

Any questions or so then ask.

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Sorry to double post, but frankly this has nothing to do with the above post.


Anywho, quick question about blogs: Let's say I'm developing a game that has little to nothing to do with the Forge, or Minecraft period; Could I post development updates of it on my blog?

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