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  1. I've created a hook for this, but it might need updating. It's over at #924 if anyone's curious.
  2. An event for this would be nice, specifically for modifying vanilla behavior without reflecting vanilla items.
  3. I too would like such a hook, since my mod's ore (Endium) gets destroyed by the Ender Dragon, and it just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I'll see what I can do in terms of making it myself, but no promises.
  4. Thanks, I suppose. I'll have to tweak some code, but other than that, I can use it directly. Although, the next time you make machine textures for HM, could you make the top of it more symmetrical? I have to use 1 extra block texture in order to make the tops of the current machines "rotate", and I'd rather use that space for new content.
  5. I like it. It's simple, and will work on a multi-block machine. *insert smiley with a thumbs up here*
  6. Try number one what do you think ? It's... okay. It could use some more detail, though. As it is, it doesn't quite look like it belongs with the other machine textures.
  7. What does that have to do with Green Energy or The Computer Age/Advanced Tech?! It grows crops. It, um, is green? And I want some machines! So, can I be: Green Tech? Please? Hey, wait a minute! If that should be anyone's, it should be mine! Oops, too late! And no, I want it. You are agriculture, I'm tech. Difference. But maybe you can have it from me. I am AGRICULTURAL TECH! If I was just agriculture I wouldn't be using UE. I'm with Newt, I think the hydroponics machine should go to Horticulture.
  8. What does that have to do with Green Energy or The Computer Age/Advanced Tech?!
  9. To re-iterate: I'd like textures for a new Electric Furnace. ... That's it, everything else is either done or Dry's on it, albeit at what seems to be a snail's pace.
  10. Alright, I could use two more textures: The first is a better furnace, which I've finally decided to add. The second is a sort of Ender Pearl + Aluminum hopper. (Note: It'll only need 1 texture due to rendering type magic.) Please, thank you, and if you're too busy, don't worry, I'm not in a rush.
  11. Oh, wow! That is very, very, nice! Seconded.
  12. Cow, thanks for the Washer GUI, but I have some bad news: There's been a change of concept in the Washer, it'll now on occasion produce secondary ores. So, a small list of tweaks I'd like you to make to the current Washer GUI: Add 8 more output slots, in a 3x3 fashion. Get rid of the sud fire... thing. I wasn't thinking straight when I asked for it. Replace the progress bar with bubbles. Add some artistic flare to the background if you want to, be creative. Thank you, and you don't have to get it done right away.
  13. sry, it took so long just finished the alpha for my mod and released it today . Anyways, did the GUI, Greenish gray Coin, buffed the looks of the washer and repackaged it , also repackage the coin as well just encase you liked it. Gave you the Mechanic as a zombie and a villager. I am not sure if the villager looks right; I couldn't spawn one to see . Like always in the spoiler below and edits are always welcome. ...I presume one of the two bars are for the BuildCraft liquid thing, right? Well, bad news: IIRC, the bar is much, much bigger. For an example, check out any of Forestry's machines, most of them use BC liquid.
  14. Need a description of what you want your gui to look like use atrain's description as an example. Take the Furnace GUI, make it a tiny bit bigger, replace the fire with suds, make it look like an actual Washer UI if you want, add a placeholder for a BC Liquid API bar... thingy.
  15. The Washer looks good. The coin however, should look closer to some kind of greenish light grey, as well as be slightly bigger. Since it's not my top priority though, you can go ahead and skip it, it won't be for HM anyways. The Mechanic villager won't be for HM, but nonetheless it will use the vMC Villager model.
  16. Well, there are 3 things to point out: The Washer's GUI will be roughly the size of the Furnace GUI, maybe a tiny bit bigger. I'm not quite sure though, since I have yet to use the BuildCraft API, which will be used to store the Washer's liquid. Just to put it out there, the Villager will be a Mechanic, not Mechanical. Yeah, we both benefit from me requesting textures; You get to try something new every time I want to add a feature to my mod, and I get great looking textures. Though, I will try not to over-burden you.
  17. Okay, since I've decided Alpha v1.2 will be a content update, I need the following textured: A Washer w/GUI A new Villager (Mechanic/Electrician) A Coin w/ blank and maybe a roll of coins That about covers it, go crazy, and I could use the Washer textures first. If you can't go GUIs or mobs, let me know.
  18. Most people use it as a smeltable, I don't think anyone would mind if they had to convert their logs to either planks or charcoal in order to auto-burn it.
  19. I like it, the only change it needs is that the speed pad's arrows should be centered.
  20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you basically have to make a new Class file that implements IWorldGenerator, register it with GameRegistry, then have fun from there. If you need more detailed instructions or just a proof of concept, here's my mod's ore generator.
  21. I loved that Cave Johnson quote. As for the pads themselves, I was going for more along the lines of "Electronic pads that have symbols on them that tell you what they do", and only mentioned Gel since the first two pads' symbols will be colored based on what that color of gel did in Portal 2. In short, here's an example I made when I was bored:
  22. Unfortunately, metadata and damage values are internally intertwined, so if you were to try to make metadata tools, your sword would become a pickaxe after 1 use, then a shovel after a use, etc. until you hit whatever tool was coded in last.
  23. Not really, no. Also, the pads will be made of Aluminum, they will only use 1 texture per pad, and the symbols will be the colors I mentioned.
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