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MCP names -> Minecraft mapping names?


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Howdy folks


Does anyone know what's happening with a possible Forge move from MCP to official Minecraft mapping names?

The last "official" information I found was from CPW, here:



I for one am getting pretty weary of bulk name changes every time version updates, and the continual subtle (and often misleading) name changes when they are manually remapped, so I'm exploring options to code in Minecraft Mapping.

Obviously it would be great if this were natively implemented by Forge but it appears like that may be some way off.


In the meantime I see some tools around which look like they might be an interim measure eg:



Does anyone have experience, hints/tips etc with using those?







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Please do your research on the subject.

You've got the right start. But you've ignore the "Its still a legal grayzone" part. We're trying to work with Mojang to make it legally explicit that we can use it.

But until we get that legal permission we're not going to make it our target.

You can target it yourself for your mod, it's a feature FG supports.

But still, it's not a good option as you don't have the legal rights to redistribute it in your mod code. So be careful.

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I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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