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Mods as Microservices


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Hello all.
It's been a while since my last post, I need some assistance from those who are familiar with the internals of the forge modding API.

I want to create a wrapper around the current forge API that will allow calls to the code via HTTP. This, in theory, would allow any and all mods to run as a standalone executable, with local networking being the interface between processes.  I only want to do this a server-side modification, as there would be little benefit from a client perspective. 


What this would do is allow a deployment of forge (and mods) over a micro services manager (ex: Kubernetes), Not only would this increase performance of mod-heavy packs significantly, it would allow for dynamic and on-the-fly updates to mods and even server jars. In all, I think this would be a drastically beneficial addition, so I want to give it a shot.

My question to the community is: What would be the downsides, and what features do you think would not be possible / would be a slog to implement?

Also, I should have you know that you are reading my signature.

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You can’t access the main thread from external to the Java heap. Today anyway. There’s no feasible way to apply Web 2.0 type micro service user interaction concepts, with Minecraft. 

What you’re describing are just plug-ins external to the server runtime, which is like side loading hooks the same way that was done with vanilla plugins on those other modded servers. This behavior is somewhat successfully accomplished in platforms like Unity with a C# / dotNet API that runs an xml watchdog looking for calls. You can push modification to the running code to some degree, by updating the xml with CRUD processes. 

This opens the door to the possibility of modifying environmental and player centric behaviors inside the realm. That are isolated to specific entity’s or voxels. There is no provision for being able to do this in Minecraft because those knobs are loaded and registered at launch. Coincidently it’s also why well written 

Java mods are harder to exploit than the RESTful mods are. less exposure to the runtime / user space. 

This is why we can’t just push all mods to the client when they log in, and why we have to bounce the server when we add objects. 

cuz, Java...

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