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LF Dev to Commission a Mod


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Hi there!

I am currently running a 1.16.5 Forge Survival server and have an idea for a mod that I would like to pay someone with experience to create for my server.


Mod idea: A PvP focused mod that incentivizes combat.


Mod name idea: PvP Bounties


-A player that has not killed anyone has their name in GREEN above their head.

-A player that has killed someone has their name in RED above their head (Resets to GREEN after 72 hours of no player killing).

*When a RED player hits 3 unique kills (cannot farm the same person) a waypoint is set for everyone online with their position. (A bounty // marked with a red skull).

*If any other player GREEN or RED kills the marked bounty player they are rewarded. Reward items drop from bounty player on death. (Rewards scale with the amount of kills bounty player has without a death).

**Bounty player with 3 unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 2x diamonds, 10exp levels // Bounty player with 5 unqiue kills rewards: 1x player head, 5x diamonds, 30exp levels // Bounty player with 10 unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 1x Pig Spawner, 2x Netherite Ingots, 5x diamonds, 50exp levels // Bounty player with 15+ unique kills rewards: 1x player head, 1x Mooshroom Spawner, 1x Totem of undying, 20x Netherite Ingots, 15x diamonds, 150exp levels.

***Chat message on 3 kills: "Bobby is on a killing spree! Bounty rewards X items." // 5 kills: "Bobby is on a rampage! Bounty rewards X items." // 10 kills: "Bobby is unstoppable! Bounty rewards X items." // 15+ kills: "Bobby is eradicating! Bounty rewards X items."



-If a RED player with a bounty on them has not been killed by another player within 2 hours a new mob called the "Assassin" will hunt them down.


Assassin Mob:


-Spawns in RED bounty players chunk, hostile only to player for which it spawned, sees player regardless of distance away.

-The Assassin spawns with the same bounty loot table the RED player with a bounty currently has.

-If the Assassin kills it's target no bounty loot is dropped from the RED player with the bounty, the Assassin then despawns. World message when killed - "Bobby was stabbed to death by an Assassin".

-If the Assassin is killed it's loot is dropped and the Assassin spawn timer starts again. (An Assassin may spawn every 2 hours as long as the RED player still has an active bounty).

-Spawns with 80 health, visually resembling a custom pillager // Wields new weapon called the "Assassins Dagger", visually a shorter iron sword with a posion tip, 2 Attack speed - 7 Attack damage - Poisions the target (Drops on defeat).

-Moves at speed of a baby zombie // Shares zombie ability to break down doors, however can also break down iron doors - takes longer // Can climb ladders // Will toss potions of slowness on it's target if they are running away.

-Assassins Dagger can be crafted with. 1x stick, 1x iron ingot, 1x potion of poision, 1x potion of harming, 1x nether shard


Manually set a bounty:


-To set a bounty place any sign anywhere in the world and write in line 2 "Set bounty" in line 3 "PLAYERNAME". If the sign is destroyed the bounty is cancelled. (Only player that set bounty can break/cancel) Sign despawns when target player dies.

-Any player GREEN or RED can put a bounty on another player. If a GREEN player sets a bounty on anyone they become a RED player.

-These player made bounties mark the targeted player the same way however have a diffrent loot table: BY DEFAULT 1x player head, 3x emralds, 10exp levels.To set your own bounty rewards shift place sign on chest, everything in chest will be rewarded.

-If someone sets a bounty on another player a message in the chat will say so - example "Bobby has placed a bounty on Bob's head. Rewards X items".

-Each player can only set 1 bounty at a time, and they cannot place an additional bounty after one ends on the same player. 4 hour cool down.

-Assassins operate the same way with these bounties.


Magic wand:


-Created with 1x blaze rod, 1x nether star

*Shoots ghast fireballs, however consumes 1 fire charge like an arrow from your inventory.


Bricked snowball:


-Created with 1x brick, 1x snowball

*Can be thrown, will stun target for 1 second. (Target is immune to bricked snowball for 10 seconds after being stunned).




-Created with 1x paper, 1x emerald, 1x (specific) player head  (Example - "Contract - Bobby")

*On use spawns an Assassin in target players chunk to go after them. (Assassin behaves as per usual).

**No contract cooldown, ie multiple Assassins may be spawned to go after target player at once. (If there is more than 1 Assassin spawned for a target, only the first Assassin will spawn with any loot table if applicable).



Really looking forward to connecting with an experienced creator that wants to make this possible!

Will pay you fairly for your development.

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