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Overriding Vanilla Block(s) complications


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I've been having issues over-riding vanilla dirt, but I think it goes beyond what should be expected from over-riding a vanilla block. Over-writing the registry for minecraft:dirt changed it's properties, but it glitches in world generation. Replacing all instances of glitched dirt is a very complex task, as it also seems like anything that would normally generate on dirt (seagrass, etc) would not generate.

My modded version doesn't add any properties (open, lit, etc), so I don't think it should be a data issue. The custom dirt generates and functions perfectly fine in default super flat worlds and when pulled from the creative menu, so it's definitely an issue with generation.


I would expect re-registering a vanilla block in Forge should only change the properties and should not affect world generation.


If replacing vanilla blocks is not an intended feature of Forge, I can raise the topic in suggestions instead.

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Replacing vanilla blocks work just fine. The problem is Mojang wrote bad code that uses direct references to their versions of the blocks for the world gen. And to change it would be literally 700+ new patch files.

Nobody has bothered to grind out the work that would need to be done to do it.

Mainly because it's not worth the effort. I highly doubt you have a explicit need to replace dirt. Whatever you're trying to acomplish can probably be done in a different way that doesn't break things.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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I'm trying to change the core gameplay to remove dirt and cobble as extremely accessible building materials that don't fall in midair. Unless I change the base properties of dirt and cobble, many of the building materials in my mod would find little value outside of aesthetics. Education is a major portion of my mod, and that includes what constitutes a good building material (dense materials for walls, lighter sturdy materials like wood for floors). I'm all for another solution if there is one, but making all vanilla dirt and/or mod recipes drop modded dirt, and all mod recipes using vanilla dirt that is now unobtainable is very inconvenient for any player.


Anyway, I already found a way to overwrite the dirt in the VEGETAL_DECORATION stage, was just asking to know if there was an easier way.


I'd like to know if the order of Minecraft vanilla generation stages is documented so I can be sure there aren't any remaining glitched blocks. Do the modded actions in the same stage (ex. VEGETAL_DECORATION) occur after the vanilla actions in the stage? What order do LOCAL_MODIFICATION, TOP_LAYER_MODIFICATION and VEGETAL_DECORATION go?

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