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your documentation? what do you mean?

for a guide look no further than the vanilla code itself. anything that you should do differently than how vanilla does it should be in the forge docs, and if yet you face some more specific problems, you can come to the forums or go to the discord for help

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Just now, daydream said:

you mean that ther's a guide directly wrote in the code or tht's intuitive? sorry for my confused writng but i'm foreign

you have the javadocs, which are comments written in the code which describe how that piece of code works.

but even, you can just read the code itself, and walk through it, to get an understanding of how to do it

for instance: if you want to make a new tile entity, you could look at the code of vanilla tile entities, such as the furnace, to get a grasp of what the code looks like, what classes to extend, what interfaces to use, what methods to override or call, all that...

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