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Forge 9.10.0 Minecraft 1.6.2


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Forge Version: 9.10.0

Minecraft Version: 1.6.2



Note: Major bug found if your path contains a space, {dammet cpw!} will fix it shortly.




  This marks our first 'official' recommended build for the new 1.6 launcher system. 1.6 brings a lot of new exciting features when it comes to Minecraft Modding. The introduction of the new ResourcePack system, the new launcher, and well Horses! The new resource system is quite similar to the domain:resource system that we had in place in Forge. So for you modders it'll be a little bit of a change but nothing that we haven't prepared you for.


  The main gritty part of this new update is the new official Mojang launcher. With this new mojang launcher {which admittedly is still a work in progress} Forge is able to do a couple of it's major goals that it has wanted to do since day one.


  • A simple, one click installer for standard installation of Minecraft Forge
  • No longer directly shipping Mojang base classes
  • Offload the downloading of libraries to a better system with more robust servers


  The simple one click installer was designed to do everything you need to do with the new Mojang Launcher to get you all setup and ready to play Modded minecraft.

  It is a GUI but there are some advanced command line features for those of you who run servers on headless environments. The universal jar still exists for the people out there that want and know what to do with it. It NO LONGER goes into your minecraft.jar.

  We have found that people are virual learners, so I think the new install procedure is best described using everyone's favorite Minecraft Youtube person..thingy...whatever*just*watch*the*video!




  FML and Forge will no longer be shipping entire Mojang class files, instead we will be patching our changing onto the vanilla codebase at runtime. {Don't worry its a one time hit when classes load so there is no server performance issues} This is our attempt to work with Mojang and try our best to respect there wishes in there TOS. Most notibly the 'Do not distribute any of our material'. As a unfortunate aspect of how Forge had to work before we couldn't do anything about that but now we can. The concept is simple, we take our Forge version, minus all the stuff that's identical to vanilla and only ship the changed stuff. For those who want to do a little more digging for more information, we currently use http://sourceforge.net/projects/javaxdelta/ to generate/apply our patches, and our GitHub has a lot more information.


  The last point is fairly straight forward, FML/Forge has been shipping extra standard libraries to the client for modders to use. This is beneficial in many ways because it gives the Modders a lot more power to work with. But i'm sure you've all had the error popup saying that it couldn't download the file. Well the new Mojang launcher allows for download of these libraries. In a simple, clean, and robust way. So we've moved that management of things to the launcher itself. Sadly this means that server admins will have to manually provide the libraries, or get them through the installer.


  As we are now able to create Forge without modifying the Minecraft.jar directly, and it has been our LONG standing stance that base class editing is bad. Also the fact that we need to make sure that the base classes are clean for our patching system to work. By default, FML will validate the Minecraft.jar and throw up a error if you have modified it in any way. This CAN be disabled, and it is up to the ModAuthor of the base class editing mod to provide tech support for the end users who have any issues. As always we do not support editing of Base classes by mods. There is NO valid reason for this. {If Forge can work without editing the .jar.. so can all other mods}


Minecraft Forge 9.10.0 Changelog:



  • Now using binary patches instead of full base classes
  • Support for the new official mojang language format
  • All mod files are loaded as ResourcePacks for the new system
  • New compleetly revamped Fluids system written by King-Lemming and Overmind, Old Liquids system is removed. Modders and players: Tanks may empty of there contents when updating worlds, depends on how modders support this change.
  • Removed coremods folder, coremods now go directly into mods folder
  • Extended RotationHelper for all vanilla rotateable blocks
  • Dimension specific spawn points for players. Allows beds and the like to work in Mystcraft ages. {And other mods}
  • Support for other launch systems as long as they follow the standrad set forth by Mojang

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed vanilla enchantment rendering issue. Items with multiple render passes only have enchantment effect applied to first layer {customizeable by the item}
  • Fixed pathing issues with vanilla asset managment


The changelog may look a little sparse. That's only because these, as usual, are cliff notes. For full details please review the GitHub commit log. And a lot of our work was done in the backend dealing with the new launcher not directly with FML/Forge.

We delayed this recomended build for a litle while due to the fact that we had reliable sources telling us that 1.6.1/1.6.2 were immediatly looming. However we have had pre-view builds up and running for Modders for 1.6, 1.6.1, and 1.6.2.


There are roumors that 1.6.3+ is on the horizen, however from what we gather further releases in the 1.6 chain will be mainly bug fix releases and this is a really good time to push our a RecommendedBuild. I fully expect the flurrey of modders updating there mods to continue {there are already dozens out for Forge on 1.6.2 at the time of this posting}. And tons of new tutorials and samples to be updated so go go go!


I expect once the general populus gets there hands on this there will be quite a few bugs to popup. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to SEARCH before reporting a issue. Also provide all logs ALWAYS.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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