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How to change the mods directory?


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Since the release of the new launcher we are able to play multiple versions of minecraft. The problem is: If you have minecraft 1.6.x with forge installed and for example minecraft 1.5.2 also with forge they both use the same "mods" folder.


My question is: Can I change the directory from which forge loads mods and if yes, then how can I do it?

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Yes that will work but only for 1.6 forge and higher.


What you must to do if you want to use forge 1.5.2 and 1.6.x ?


It doesnt work with 1.5.2 you you name in the mods folder a folder 1.5.2  ;)




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FML will also load mods from mods/{version} with {version} being the minecraft version.

Example for 1.6.2:



Does this also work for the Config folder? And the Saves folder? That way I can have instances with separate jar mods, folder mods and mod configs. Changing the directory in the launcher will create different instances which use the same jar/json file so this subfolder in mods and config would make a better solution.


Edit: I've created a mods/version/ map and dragged a mod in there but it didn't load that mod untill I dragged it to the mod folder itself. I'm running MC 1.6.2. Did I do something wrong?

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FML will also load mods from mods/{version} with {version} being the minecraft version.

Example for 1.6.2: mods/1.6.2/MODS_GO_HERE.


@LexManos: I tried that already, but the created instance with that method does not have it's own jar/json file, so it can't have its own jar mods. Thats why the solution in this quote sounded good to me. But if that doesn't work then I just have to wait and look for another solution. Thanks anyway!

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For jar mods {which you should NEVER DO ANYMORE} you need to add a new versions folder.

And then select it using the 'Use Version' in the profile.


The mods/{mcversion} works, but it doesnt split everything off like you want.

That is, quite literally what 'Game Directory' is for -.- Moving shit out of the standard folder.

mods/{mcversion} is NOT DESIGNED for incompatible mod sets as it doesnt move the worlds

It doesnt change the config folder

it doesn't change what jar launches the game

it simple is a place where you can put MINECRAFT version specific mods.


Anyways, don't use jar mods if the official answer you're gunna get.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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Thanks for the official answer. I hope my favorite mod (spc) will one day also be a mods folder mod and then your solution (separate folder without jar/json) will be best. For now, making different versions AND different instances depending on the different versions will make things unneccessary complicated, so I'll keep it like I had it. Thanks for your quick reply and all info!

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