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[Solved] [1.16] How do I access all registered dimensions?

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Hello. I'm creating a mod that needs to access all registered Vanilla and mod dimension Ids.


In 1.15, it was possible to use the following:

for (DimensionType type : DimensionType.getAll()) {}

From there, I could access each of their dimension Ids. This seems to have changed in 1.16 and I can't figure out another way to access these dimensions.


I have tried accessing the "WORLD_TYPES" Forge registry by using the following:

for (ForgeWorldType type : ForgeRegistries.WORLD_TYPES.getValues()) {}

Unfortunately, it appears that this is also not the correct way to do it as there are no values in here.


Any help is appreciated.

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DimensionTypes are dynamic since they are now data driven. This means that the associated data can only be accessed whenever a world is loaded. You can get access to this through MinecraftServer#registryAccess which gives you an instance of DynamicRegistries. There is a convenient method there for grabbing the registry called DynamicRegistries#dimensionTypes. Registry is an instance of Iterable on the value.

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Thank you, that's just what I needed. However, I needed to change the names of some of the methods I was calling, as it seems they were obfuscated (I think that's the correct term).


Here is the code I used to access all dimension types:

for (DimensionType type : world.getServer().func_244267_aX().func_230520_a_()) {}


Here is the code I used to access all dimension Ids:

for (ResourceLocation location : world.getServer().func_244267_aX().func_230520_a_().keySet()) {}


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  • xBigEllx changed the title to [Solved] [1.16] How do I access all registered dimensions?

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