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[1.16.5] TileEntity don't save data (inventory)


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I have created a tileentity which should add items to an ItemStackHandler when you right-click.
if after adding the item I check whether the item is present in the ItemStackHandler, It returns false.
this is my TE

I suspect it is due to the synchronization between client and server,
but I'm not sure, because it could be something else

does anyone have any idea what I have to change?

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43 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:
  • Your getNextSlot function is pointless. Simply keep calling insertItem until it manages to insert something and keep increasing the slot number.
  • You must not modify the ItemStack after you have given it to the IItemHandler, otherwise you will modify it inside the item handler. The IItemHandler takes care of any stack math and stack merging, it will simply give you the result back (whatever could not be inserted). Simply give that back to the player.

i try that thanks

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