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  1. There is a specific class that defines the recipes for your new workbench block. I'll post a few of the key ideas below, but just know it's only to make the git I provide later on to make a little more sense for your situation. In the recipes class, I "defined" recipes through a table: private static final TwoByTwoRecipe INSTANCE = new TwoByTwoRecipes(); private final Table<ItemStack, ItemStack, ItemStack> craftingList = HashBasedTable.<ItemStack, ItemStack, ItemStack>create(); // Item One | Item Two | Result The recipes would then be constructed as s
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  2. Thank you sir. Sometimes you need someone to point out where you are being a moron.
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  4. instead of item/generated in your item json.
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  5. You can get the same effect by overriding the methods that call it and using a different implementation.
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  6. The jar's MANIFEST must have FMLCorePluginContainsFMLMod: true
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