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  1. I'd say look at the vanilla implementation of rain/snow etc and how its applied to biomes. Try and find some other peoples code that does similar things (theres a couple mods in FTB that have custom weather, don't know which ones though)
  2. Could someone please link some examples of how to create and use projectile entities in 1.12.2? Ive looked at the forge documentation and can't seem to make anything work. Open source mods that use these entities would be great if anyones made one/ knows of an open source one! My main problem has been that everything I look at is out-dated
  3. Make sure you are using Java 8 Update 151 (Java 8u151) not Java 9 as forge and modding environments aren't compatible with it. I had a tough time with this too and ended up having to delete java (8 and 9) entirely from my computer and then reinstall only java 8 Also you should probably increase your ram to 1-2gb rather that a maximum of 1gb
  4. Actually I think that its just set up with weird proxy and naming system as ModItems.registerRenders() is only called in ClientProxy while ModItems.init() and ModItems.register() are called in preInit()
  5. Sorry, Reading the docs about #1 & #2 right now. But I don't see any part of my/his code that reaches across logical sides
  6. can you post the log? also Forge installer, Minecraft installer, Modding workspace installer or another installer
  7. It works so far (i haven't traced any of the issues im having to it) whats a better/right way?
  8. Before I start - I've spent a few days now looking at other peoples posts, but most seem to be related to rendering which I don't care about yet, are for older versions of minecraft, or when I try to use their solutions they don't work. I've been working on the same mod (Tutorial Mod) for a long time so it could be a compounded error. Im planning to finish everything before moving the code to a new package with a better name (I haven't decided on the name yet) I'm trying to create a railgun (currently works perfectly using arrows), and now I need a custom projectile for it - I've tri
  9. package TheEkhoedOne.UndisclosedModName.init; import TheEkhoedOne.BetterCommandsMod.Reference; import TheEkhoedOne.BetterCommandsMod.items.ItemCheese; import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft; import net.minecraft.client.renderer.block.model.ModelResourceLocation; import net.minecraft.init.Items; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraftforge.client.model.pipeline.ForgeBlockModelRenderer; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.ForgeRegistries; import net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry; public class ModItems { publ
  10. could you post your itemInit class? I believe that there is also a way to register your egg at the same time as registering your entity which could eliminate the problem
  11. 1.7.10 is no longer supported on this forum but since this is an easy fix: allocate more memory (ram) to minecraft. you are only giving minecraft a MAXIMUM memory usage of half a gigabyte and it is trying to start up using even less (43 megabytes). to use an analogy this is like trying to drive a tuck on a tight rope. It has nowhere near enough space to run. Normal minecraft should be happy with 1 to 1 and a half gigabytes of memory but after installing forge you should up the memory to 2-2 and a half gigabytes. the more mods you have the larger the amount of ram minec
  12. Im new to modding and am trying to create a block that renders in a non standard way (with triangles). From what I've looked at it seems that forge provides a way (or used to provide a way?) to render a custom block. I know this is possible for Tile Entities but my block is just a normal block without any special data. Any help would be appreciated EDIT: Trying to do this in 1.12.2
  13. thanks so much for the help it worked!! Any tips on how to make it render without the lines? render it 2d or something?
  14. EDIT: First post so sorry if I put this in the wrong section or posted it wrong! Item Rendering has Error texture & has words (Registry Name?) over the error texture No idea what I'm doing wrong, I've just started modding and followed this tutorial to get the basics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncJ78Qgf-Ws Ive updated the Game Registry part to the latest syntax and have followed this tutorial exactly (asside from using a 256x256 image instead of a 16x16 one for the Item image) However when i give myself the item this is what i get
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