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  1. Try checking your DefaultBiomeFeatures Class, it will probably have what you need.
  2. When i place a block, with this block class: i can still pick it up with a wooden pickaxe. the line for my block: there are no warnings/errors in my log related to this.
  3. Hello, I'm updating my mod, and I ran across a small problem. I am relatively certain the error is within my code however, I am not sure how to fix it at this point in enclosed is my error log, the blockstate and model files, and the modeventsubscriber class in which my blocks are added. I have tried and as well as refreshing my IDE in between each reload to ensure the proper results. There is no separate class because I'm trying to use as many of the base classes as possible. Any instruction as to where I'm going wrong would be great, thank you.
  4. Yes, the last post was what I needed. however... New problem! My block is stuck in 'on'. What do I need to turn it off? or at least a reference to what I need to look at, to turn it off. Sorry, i'm a problem child! if there's an error that can be done, I'll find it at least once. =] .Class: CustomRedstoneLight.Class CustLight.class Handlers: ModelRegistryHandler RegistryHandler Json: Blockstates Models I will continue flipping through the reference and see if I have a "Eureka!" moment.
  5. Am I right in assuming this is what I need to be Overriding, or is there a better reference I can <should> be looking at? I'm getting a lot of errors over void, no imports available for updateTick etc... If this isn't it Ii'll continue my pursuits down the rabbit hole, gotta land eventually!
  6. Just a clarification on my error: the block when pulled out of creative looks fine, the item model is fine, and placement (no power ever) looks fine. My problem: once the block is given power, it turns into a redstone lamp, even if you remove power. Sorry if i seem a bit impatient for answers, I've been trying to get this right for a couple weeks now. (before break included) Also, to make changes easier and less likely to mistype, I edited the block in question from blue_flowerlamp to blue_lamp, I found myself typing florwering after a while. ? any instances of flowerlamp you find, are gone in my base code and if you find one in my github feel free to point it out so i can change it to what it is supposed to be.
  7. Registry: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/kaelym/elypsis/util/RegistryHandler.java Model Registry: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/kaelym/elypsis/util/ModelRegistryHandler.java CustLight Class: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/kaelym/elypsis/init/CustLight.java CustomRedstoneLight Class: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/com/kaelym/elypsis/blocks/CustomRedstoneLight.java models/block: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/elypsis/models/block/blue_lamp_off.json https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/elypsis/models/block/blue_lamp_on.json blockstate: https://github.com/Fetrien/Elypsis_Mod/blob/master/src/main/resources/assets/elypsis/blockstates/blue_lamp.json After trying several things, when I reverted back to what I had wrote here it is no longer working (no model states) so I am just moving everything to a github and going to sleep on it. If anyone has ideas feel free to share =] any advice is appreciated.
  8. narrowed down to : "powered = false": { "model": "elypsis:blocks/blue_flowerlamp_off" }, "powered = true": { "model": "elypsis:blocks/blue_flowerlamp_on" }, this is not changing the block while powered. Am I using the wrong boolean? or just using the one I have inappropriately?
  9. visual representation of current problem. updated code: redstonelight registry model: CustLight remained the same, new blockstate file: block: (trying several, so these will most likely be wrong upon current post. also used two separate ones so you know which I have tried.) Also, as a note, there are NO errors in my console, including debug mode.
  10. i see, sorry for the miscommunication then. I thought I updated that before my initial post . the full redstone light file is here. after rearranging the way it is coded and putting the boolean line after the constructor it is (mostly) working now. I walked away for coffee and a moment to think about it. thank you for everything you've helped with so far, though.
  11. ah, I think i see what your saying. Simply because I added the constructor later in the code it doesn't apply to the first bit?
  12. ah, I assumed this " (Material material, String unlocalizedName, String registryName)" was three, I'll see what I can figure out to fix this problem =3
  13. there's a lot of lines of code so I will cut out the bulk of it to save time model registry: registry handler:
  14. problem seems easy enough just finding the json that's causing the problems again lol.
  15. thank you, i literally JUST changed that out! the model is still not working though, here is updated json: I'm sure the rest is just a silly mistake. Thank you very much!
  16. Posted that particular json under the .Json category, i'll check them to make sure one of my other jsons isn't routing to the wrong folder.
  17. Threw my stuff at a Json validator, it seems the Blockstate is the problem. Does anyone mind explaining how what is did is wrong so I better understand for future jsons, or have a reference towards this particular instance?
  18. Just came back after a short break from working on mods and the holidays and not finding much reference material to work with. At this point the game loads, I place the missing texture block and can activate it, however it turns into a redstone lamp. I am not sure if this is a .json issue, or .class at this point, however I'm leaning towards .json. Redstone lamp class: ModelRegistryHandler (just the snip of the particular registration for this and RegistryHandler) RegistryHandler: CustLight class: CustomRedstoneLight class: Jsons: Crash:
  19. Kaelym


    Oh ok, thank you again!
  20. Thank you for the tutorials, any chance you'll be doing more in the future?
  21. Kaelym


    Draco, do you happen to have a Reference for my problem? Might help me see better how I'm doing this wrong.
  22. Kaelym


    Thank you, Draco. That cleared a lot up. =]
  23. Kaelym


    I went back over it, again again. Firstly, following your post in order, I have not changed my ObjectHolder since I started writing, and keep my blocks relatively organized so they do not change. I checked all of pillarup_block's files, to ensure they were in working order and it works just fine. Secondly, I do not have a common proxy, I have a Client and a Server Proxy, I am under the impression that common proxy is relatively useless. However, thank you for trying to help. =] Still don't get it ?
  24. Kaelym


    Could you explain further, please? I think I'm overlooking/thinking how it's null. Not looking for the answer just confused as to how it's null so i can look for it in the future. side note, i did find a typo in the code but it's still the same error.
  25. Kaelym


    So, I am not finding much info on registering stairs to the game, for 1.12.2, so I'm hoping someone can point to the error in my mod in which is making it crash, since eclipse is not popping any errors off and I have no idea where to go from here. to start: crash log, Registry Handler: model registry: CustStair Block Class: (probably wrong :P) CustomBlocks init Class Blockstate.json Models x3
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