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  1. ok thanks. Do you know what is isImmuneToFire in 1.16.1 is?
  2. because the mappings isnt deobfuscated.. which function is that?
  3. the forum say some error...
  4. event.getPlayer().getHeldItem(event.getHand()).damageItem(1, event.getPlayer(), Consumer -> { event.getPlayer().sendBreakAnimation(event.getHand());
  5. how can i render things in ItemStackTileEntityRenderer . Like a text or a image
  6. i want to render a head but i must have this method
  7. can you send me an example how i can draw something in it?
  8. I can Java ^^ And i have already published some mods
  9. like so (the black should then be replaced with the head)
  10. @Override public boolean hitEntity(ItemStack stack, LivingEntity target, LivingEntity attacker) { target.addPotionEffect(new EffectInstance(Effects.WEAKNESS, 200, 0)); return super.hitEntity(stack, target, attacker); }
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