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  1. Perfect ! I finally found out how to register potion recipes ! (thank to reflection) for curious people, here is the solution : Hope it will help someone ^^
  2. does anyone know a github whose we could take inspiration ? I tried to copy vanilla code parts and register my structure with a reflection, but my world is still structure-free :s
  3. ok ty i'll probably try to see if i can rewitre entirely the brewing_stand by now ^^ it's a lot of work for a tiny potion, but as long as it works as final ...
  4. This should probably be helping you : https://github.com/sunsigne/Sunsigne It's a mod i created 6 months ago in 1.12.2 and there is a fully fonctionnal "centrifuge", whose the fonction might be similar to your grinder
  5. Hello, Does anyone find how to implement a brewing reciepe in 1.13.2 yet ? It doesn't seem to be in datapack, the fonction "addmix" in PotionBrewing class is now private, and IForgeRegistry doesn't work for this class (as it's neither Potion class, neither PotionType class) Thank
  6. Here it works ! Ofc i had mist something obvious ! This actually is kinda stupid ... I forgot to put .setRegistryName, if it has no name, it can't be identify x)
  7. I tried, but i probably mist something important. i feel it is as obvious as the nose in the middle of the face ! but i can't say what i forgot ... Here are my lines : Do i need to add anything else in purpose to have a fonctionnal basic potion in my game ?
  8. Does anyone get how we register potion since the 1.13.2 ? I mean, since "register" in Potion.class is now private, it's kind of a maze to find out how i'm suppose to do. Any good trick ?
  9. Yes. But for the moment there are really few tutorial videos for modding in 1.13 if you think you can do better videos (what is surely true, i don't doubt about that), well .. just do it instead of whimpering because it doesn't exist ! I'm not telling you can't give argue why this video is bad, the very part i can't agree is you tends to say this video shoudn't be "allowed" to exist. But fact is without this video, a lot of people just couldn't create basic mods in 1.13 today. As this video doesn't concern you (because it's made by a beginner, for begginers), you can give your opinion but you can't say it's not a good start. Because actually, it's the only start we currently have (pedagogically, it's a lot more difficult to learn by reading alone than being explained orally buy someone, that's why we have teachers). It's not like programming a whole video game, it's just an item. I'm not sure the tutorial he made can occur any crash. If you find one, you win the argue. His code IS obviously a big MESS (even me can see it, while i'm a beginner), but not falty. You are probably true for the second part, i already read the link and I get the methaphor. I even understand your apprehension about those kind of thing because i read A LOT of times on this forum "don't use ItemBase, don't use IIventory, don't use (dramatic music) IHasModel", and when people have bad habbit, it's hard to disassemble it. But we (begginers) aren't all lazy guys who want you to vomit good the good codes in the mouth (there are some, i saw that), some of us (me) try really hard to understand WHAT you do and WHY you do this but we still need a start point to begin. And without this video, some of us just don't have one (as I said, there are really few videos of modding on youtube) As I tried to say. It might be a start point : you write first, then you try to understand why things are like that. It's not the best start for sure, but it's the fastest, and if you just need to implement 2 or 3 simple items in your favorite video game, you don't need to learn ALL the programming part first. Didn't you ever wonder why multiplication is communitative ? why 3*5 == 5*3 ? While division isn't ( 3/2 != 2/3 ) You just do this naturally because people told you "just do this, it works for me!" while you NEVER wondered why. The main answer for multiplication is because simple numbers are 1 by 1 matrixes, but usually, matrixes aren't communitative at all ! Did you learn what was a matrix before "communitatives" numbers in a mutliplication like you might do everyday ? I don't think so. Did you already made an real experiment by yourself to be SURE the earth is round or flat or aren't you just repeating what you've been told all along and judging other people which doesn't think like you ? Why do you say "hello" to people ? Why do you double click on your mouse instead of clicking once ? Why do you use shoes instead of walking without it, are you a dermatolog yourself to be SURE it's better ? Why do you vaccine ? Why do you cook meat isn't of eating i raw ? There are A LOOOOOOOT of things we do without wondering WHY we do them. Because you are a doctor doesn't mean you are allowed judge people dumb because they don't know why they vaccinate, while you do know why. All of them don't want to become doctor either and DON'T NEED to spend weeks and weeks to understand why they need to do it, even sick people. You can't refuse vaccinating someone which refuse to know/learn/undertstand why they should do it. Maybe this person is a baker and he will refuse tommorow to sell to you his fresh bread because you don't want to know how to correcly cook it (i'm not talking about me, i don't refuse to learn code, it's an exemple)
  10. 2nd time on this forum a person talk me about cult as argument after 2 comments. Don'ty take prommaming that seriously guys
  11. So what ? We learn everyday. And you can't pretend you already know how forge 1.13 works while it just pop out. Not everybody need to be a pro to learn how to cook pasta. And if i don't know how to cook pasta i'm happy to find a tutorial of someone which show me how to cook pasta while he is unable to cook a pizza because it's too complicated for him.
  12. Anyway, this video is still a good start and pretty usefull if you want to create your own item. As lons as it works
  13. Ok, the solution was simple : my code was 100% correct, but not my version of forge ^^ i uptaded it and now it works ?
  14. ty i won't code today but i saved in my favorite the page you adviced me ?
  15. for the moment, i take exemple of this really simple 1.13.2 mod on github : one item and one block (with a TE) to understand what i'm supposed to do. I almost finish in uptadting my first block, i'm just stuck with the "openGui" part. Hope it can helps you
  16. My question could be stupid but .. Where exactly ? Because I searched in Block Properties and it isn't there
  17. that's what i said in the first place ^^ btw it's cool if your problem is solved
  18. do you have a github ? It would be simplier for us to analyze your code. Are you sure you put your recipe in the good package ? And that "tm" is modid of your mod ? does : { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shapeless", "ingredients": [ { "item": "minecraft:cobblestone" } ], "result": { "item": "tm:fish_and_chips", "count": 1 } } really not work ?
  19. I bet my right hand it's because the game doesn't recognize "cooked_fish" as a Vanilla item. I got the same problem with the LAPIS_LAZULI a month ago. A lot of items have seen there names change between 1.12.2 and 1.13.2, be carefull and try to find the real name of vanilla items in your version. do a test with a couple of vanillacobblestone. If it works, you can be sure I hit the target ?
  20. don't forgot the MATERIAL I use for the moment. I didn't tested it yet but i have no error display ^w^ but i kind of didn't find out how i setup the harvest level yet
  21. What is this "TUTORIAL" at the second line ? Souldn't it be "private ToolMaterialList" instead ?
  22. looks like your forgot to register your tile entity it should be working after that
  23. Ok, that's a stupid mistake. I can't argue about that. But I still think you can't judge all my work because of one stupid line
  24. I have no problem with learning java. I have a problem with people insulting me ^^ not the same. And i probably used a lot of arrayw into my code without knowing the name "array". I don't go foward blindly, i kind of understand what i'm doing for the most part ^^ did you watch my github before writting this ? I'm pretty sure someone who doesn't understand java at least a little can achive all the stuff i did. I'm only here for very parts I don't success to understand alone after days of research, at that really a little part. So what ? I don't understand the word "array" so I don't deserve any help ? As i said I probably already get the principe but the word ^^ If you correctly play much of chors, I hell don't care you can't name them ! And if all people here 100% understand java adn modding, why are there here so ? Geez ! What's wrong with you two ? You keep judging me and my work while you didn't even watch it ! It's not even unfair, it's just nonsense
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