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  1. https://github.com/RaphGamingz/randomadditions
  2. When I try to teleport to my custom dimension, it goes black and when I place something, it teleports me to the nether. There are no errors in the terminal. Does anyone know what could be creating this issue?
  3. Are you saying something like a hopper?
  4. Grade doesn't work because I tried, you can make an account and put 0s for numbers and X for text
  5. How do I make an item change into another when it is dropped into water Example. Sticks turn to coal Do I subscribe to item dropped events What other events do I need to subscribe to And how can I make it turn to another item 10 seconds later instead of straight away
  6. Shouldnt it be "examplemod":block/testglass Because your using the model in your model json And it might be because you did block.properties.glass
  7. @Krevik I did but is there a simple way to create a chunk generator?
  8. so you want an item that looks like a stick log and chicken? or do you want to be able to change it
  9. Could someone explain these functions and what i should put in it @Override public ChunkGenerator<?> createChunkGenerator() { return null; } @Override public BlockPos findSpawn(ChunkPos chunkPosIn, boolean checkValid) { return null; } @Override public BlockPos findSpawn(int posX, int posZ, boolean checkValid) { return null; } @Override public float calculateCelestialAngle(long worldTime, float partialTicks) { return 0; } @Override public boolean isSurfaceWorld() { return false; } @Override public Vec3d getFogColor(float celestialAngle, float partialTicks) { return null; } @Override public boolean canRespawnHere() { return false; } @Override public boolean doesXZShowFog(int x, int z) { return false; } and how do I add a biome to the dimension
  10. Something seems wrong, why is there I think NBTTagCompound has changed to CompoundNBT and the import for that is: import net.minecraft.nbt.CompoundNBT;
  11. Do you have an event class handler or you make one and subscribe to the event using @SubscribeEvent
  12. Are you sure this is correct, shouldn’t it be new ResourceLocation(“minecraft”,”grass”) And is the function firing?
  13. then you your not assigning a value to the tileEntity try in the constructor tileEntity = world.getTileEntity(pos);
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