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  1. The title say all. Which program should I use to make my own Gui and where can or can I get all Minecrafts Gui. (For example, if you cook something in the oven, then a gui appears. How can I get it and then change it with a program so that I can make my own oven, for example).
  2. Hi, this is my second topic. i am new to Scripting in Minecraft 1.14.4 and i get this two errors. Why? i get this error message I write this in mods.toml following this tutorial I don't know why I'm getting the second mistake. I need inside help.
  3. I want make a custom mob with a custom animation, like a dragon. I dont find tutorial for this.
  4. Hi, this is my first topic. Ok, i will make a mod in minecraft 1.14.4, but i can‘t find tutorials for that. Pls i need help. I want make a mod like fire and ice mod, but can‘t find tutorials for make exemple: Entites, Animations, … .
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